The Scandinavian Journal of Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies

Scandinavian Journal of Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies continues its good progress as a peer-reviewed journal in the field of Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies. Ιt is available online with free access to the scholarly and general public since 2015.

Volume 7 of SJBMGS includes five studies: three that relate to Byzantium and two to Modern Greece. Ingela Nilsson in her study explores the literary voice of Constantine Manasses in his Synopsis Chronike. Georgian manuscript production and translation activity in the Christian East and the Byzantine Empire is the theme of Sandro Nikolaishvili’s article. In a co-authored article, Charis Messis and Ingela Nilsson explore the ixeutique (hunting of small birds) as a practice and literary representation in Byzantium. Maria Kalinowska examines the reception of Kanaris and his fights in the Polish Romantic Poetry. Last but not least, the current volume includes an article by Lambros Baltsiotis dealing with the issue of conversions of Muslims during the Greek War of Independence. In the last section of SJBMGS you will find three book reviews by G. Kalpadakis, Y. Tzortzis and V. Sabatakakis respectively, discussing recently published studies on Modern Greek history.

We remind you that SJBMGS is open for unpublished articles and book reviews related to Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies in the fields of philology, linguistics, history and literature.

Vassilios Sabatakakis
Modern Greek Studies
Lund University

The 7th Journal issue is now available online (

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