The Historical Review / La revue historique

The Department of Neohellenic Research at the National Hellenic Research Foundation (NHRF) established The Historical Review / La revue historique in 2004 as a medium of communication and exchange of ideas with colleagues around the world.

We invite original papers and critical perspectives from a wide range of fields within Modern Greek studies and European History (post 1453).  Οver the years The Historical Review / La revue historique has evolved into a venue for research in European economic, social and political history as well as the history of art, ideas and concepts.

This is an open-access and non-profit journal, that is, it does not seek payments or subventions from the authors whose work it publishes.

Our latest issue (vol. 12, 2015) features a special section on cultural transformations and translation 17th-20th century. All articles and book reviews can be accessed here:

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