Nicholas A. E. Kalospyros

Disrupting Fading National Identities and Questioning the Identity of Faith: Identifying Papadiamantis


The formation of Papadiamantis’ notion of literature cannot but be fulfilled in terms of clarifying ideological and literary identities, either fictional or real and arising out of empirical view. The further attestation of both national identities, imperative in the writer’s epoch but steadily fading in his own understanding, and the consenting identity of religious faith, disputed but highly appraised in his unique world, creates aspects of literary importance towards his stylistic compliance and awaits philological interpretation in the self-assertive tone of Papadiamantical emotions and imagery; our aim to discuss Papadiamantis’s dilemmatic identity towards identities or the respective modest exile from such ad hoc illusions, amounts to the challenging of his poetic writing, once more, depicted in the delineation of his characters and in the drawing of their myths in Greek context –from Pletho in the Gipsy Girl to Seraino in ‘The Marriage of Karachmetis’.

Η ανακοίνωση (PDF)