Ganna Prosiannykova

Platonic notions and gender theme in Katerina Anghelaki-Rooke’s poetry


Rethinking of Plato still doesn’t lack its attractiveness for modern poets worldwide and especially in Greece, the cradle of Platonic philosophy. In the given paper the author examines how particularly the Platonic issues served a source of inspiration and reflected in the texts of Modern Greek poetess Katerina Anghelaki –Rooke. Through the cross- cultural search and interdisciplinary approach he comes to a complex and problematic relationship between the classical Greek philosophical notions, myth, tradition and subjective female mythmaking.

The words of Plato reechoing in the female voice get a new pattern. Anghelaki –Rooke when mixing up the philosophical issues with the feminine question shows a new interdisciplinary side that poetry acquire through these transformations. Her poetry balances between philosophy, sociology, psychology, religion and science in general, without subordination to them, untying our souls while reading for at least one more moment.

Η ανακοίνωση (PDF)