Proposal to present three theatrical works at your university or your cultural center

Nikos Kalamo offers to present to classes of Greek Studies and to broader audiences at your University or your Cultural Center, in the form of an on-stage monologue, three different Greek works:

(1) The brief masterpiece in prose by the Greek national poet Dionysios Solomos, The Woman of Zakynthos;

(2) “Homer’s Odyssey, First Rhapsody”, in the (modern Greek) translation of Professor Dimitris Maronitis (the well known Homeric scholar);

(3) Paris Tacopoulos’ modern play The Pre-Last of the Monikins, presented (in English) at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival of 2005 in nine performances, and at the London Festival of 2009 — with great success.

The first two works would be performed in Greek; the third can be performed in either Greek or English.


For excerpts from performances see:


Nikos Kalamo in The Woman of Zakynthos (from performances at the Cacoyannis Foundation)


Nikos Kalamo in Homer’s Odyssey, First Rhapsody (at the Kapralos Museum, Aegina)


Main website:

Nikos Kalamo, actor and theater director, studied acting in Greece, subsequently moved to NYC, and continued his studies with Stella Adler (at the NY Conservatory of Acting) for six years.  During his sixteen years of residency in the U.S., he participated in eighteen productions Off (and Off-Off) Broadway and also performed in Astoria.  Nikos Kalamo is a member of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) and of the Equity Actors Association.  After his return to Greece he founded the “Theatriko Phytorio” (1998) on Aegina, with the aim of training new young talents in theatrical arts, especially beyond the metropolis.

Note:  Nikos Kalamo’s productions are memorable dramatic and cultural events. He is inspired on stage — each and every time.  As he teaches younger actors, he is also skilled at holding discussions on dramatic performance.

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