Professor Vrasidas Karalis inaugural lecture September 4th 2014 (correct date) University of Sydney

From Modern to Ancient Greece – The Project of European Unification and the case of Greece
Professor Vrasidas Karalis, Sir Nicholas Laurantus Chair in Modern Greek.

During the last six years, the European financial crisis led to fresh reconsiderations about politics, identity and the character of the European Union itself. As the most affected country, Greece became a very significant discussion point in the European stage about the principles of the Union, its central system of governance, its civic practices, even its very cultural physiognomy. The former President of France Giscard d’ Estaing forcefully declared that “Europe without Greece is like a child without birth certificate’ while more recently Jean Claude Juncker proclaimed that in the united Europe “Plato cannot exist as an inferior member.”
The significance attributed to the Greek presence within the context of the European Union gives us the opportunity to study certain important aspects of contemporary Greece, the structure of its modern identity, its relationship with classical Greece, its position in modern Europe and its formation as a modern state. The lecture discusses these controversial issues and tries to make sense of the contemporary crisis both politically and culturally, as it considers the economy only as an epiphenomenon and a by-product of a structural asymmetry and a cultural incommensurability within the Greek political culture.

Event details

Thursday, 4 September 2014

  • When: 5.30pm – 7.00pm
  • Where: 5.30pm – Refreshments will be served in the Nicholson Museum, Quadrangle, the University of Sydney.
    6pm – Lectures will be held in General Lecture Theatre 1,Quadrangle, the University of Sydney.
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