One-year Master’s programme taught in the heart of London

King’s College London

Centre for Hellenic Studies

MA Modern Greek Studies (Literature) 2013-14

The Centre welcomes applications for this one-year Master’s programme taught in the heart of London. The programme of study may be taken either as an end in itself or as preparation for a PhD. For funding opportunities for PhD students in the Centre for Hellenic Studies, please visit

To apply for this MA programme, and for information on eligibility etc., go to–obr-literature-cbr-

Information for new applicants and those already holding offers

A Master’s degree consists of 180 credits. All students take the Dissertation, which has a credit-value of 60. The remaining 120 credits are made up of taught courses (called modules).

This is the list of courses that we expect to offer in 2013-2014:

Courses available in Semester 1 (all 20 credits)

7AABM112 Poetic Geography: landmarks of the nation in the modern Greek poetic tradition, 1821-1940

7AABMA24 Greek Modernism & the epic tradition (1900-1960)

7AABMA27 Greek literature & the modern city (1930-2000)

Courses available in Semester 2 (all 20 credits)

7AABMA28 Modernism and Music (1909-1939)

7AABMA29 C.P. Cavafy: the making of a modernist

plus one further 20-credit module to be selected either from the list of Sociolinguistics modules below or from the MA programme in Late Antique and Byzantine Studies, the MA programme in Comparative Literature, or another programme subject to departmental approval.

Courses in Modern Greek Sociolinguistics (all 20 credits)

Semester 1

7AABMA17 Language, identity and culture

Semester 2

7AABMA15 Linguistic analysis of Modern Greek narrative

7AABMA16 Linguistic approaches to narrative analysis

For non-native speakers of Greek, at intermediate level or above, 40 credits of modules are replaced by:

Semesters 1-2: 7AABMA10 Advanced Modern Greek (40 credits)

The titles of all the modules listed here should open as links to the corresponding module description on the Centre’s website. In case this doesn’t happen, you can find the same information by visiting:

For further information, please consult or the admissions tutor, Professor Roderick Beaton, at

Roderick Beaton

Koraes Professor of Modern Greek and Byzantine History, Language and Literature

Director, Centre for Hellenic Studies

King’s College London


London WC2R 2LS


tel. 0044 20 7848 2517


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