Neograeca Bohemica vol 23

Neograeca Bohemica is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal of the Czech Society of Modern Greek Studies that provides a platform for original and review papers studying Late Byzantium and Modern Greece in a period ranging from 1204 A.D. up to these days. The scope of the journal primarily encompasses any areas of Late Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies, including Greek linguistics (synchronic and diachronic studies, applied linguistics, socio-linguistics or border disciplines, such as Greek in contact with other languages etc.), Greek literature (historical analysis or analysis of the current state, case studies of singular literary works, reception of the Byzantine and Modern Greek literature in drama/film etc.) and Greek history. It is also open to contributions applying methods of cultural, social or interdisciplinary studies on the Greek speaking areas.

The journal also publishes translations of Late Byzantine and Modern Greek literature and reviews of recent foreign as well as Czech scholarly literature that belongs to the scope of interest of the journal. Reports focused on actual events in the given field are also welcomed.

Neograeca Bohemica is the only journal in the Central Europe dealing with Modern Greek Studies. It seeks to provide publishing platform to both domestic and foreign Byzantinists and Neohellenists in order to strengthen international academic cooperation through research in the field of Greek Studies.


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