Michał Bzinkowski, Masks of Charos in Modern Greek Demotic Songs

Τhis book focuses on the figure of Charos, widespread throughout the Hellenic world, including Cyprus and the Pontus region, and the folk mythology of modern Greece. Michał Bzinkowski, analyzing Greek demotic songs, especially mirologia (dirges) and the songs of the Underworld and Charos, as well as an Acritic cycle of alleged Byzantine origin, sets out to ascertain the characteristics of this enigmatic and ambiguous personage.


Michał Bzinkowski is an associate professor at the Department of Classics at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków, where he teaches modern Greek language and modern Greek literature, as well as ancient Greek epic and lyric poetry. He is also a translator of modern Greek literature into Polish, including Seferis, Ritsos, Boukalas, Charalambides, and Akrivos.

PUB DATE: May 2018
ISBN: 9788323343301
176 pages
FORMAT: Paperback

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