M.A. program in Modern Greek

The aim of the M.A. program in Modern Greek is to deepen the knowledge and language competence that students have acquired during their B.A. studies and to extend their understanding of the development of Greek language, history, and culture. Special attention is devoted to the language and literature of the Byzantine and Early Modern period. Students deepen their expertise in synchronic approaches to linguistics, literary criticism, or comparative approaches to literature by attending elective courses.

A successful graduate is able to
  • explain the main tendencies of the development of Greek literature from the Middle Ages onwards and place them into the international context into the international context
  • explain the development of the Modern Greek language from Hellenistic Koine to the present
  • understand cultural and linguistic developments in Greece from the Middle Ages to the present day within their historical context
  • speak fluently and write correctly (at level C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference) in Modern Greek
  • characterize the oeuvre of the most significant Byzantine and early Modern Greek authors
  • read and interpret Byzantine and Modern Greek literature, including texts in Katharevousa
  • write a scholarly text based on the latest scholarly research that documents their ability to pursue their own research

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