Languages, identities and cultural transfers. Modern Greeks in the European Press (1850-1900), Georgia Gotsi and Despina Provata (eds.)

La Grèce moderne dans les discours médiatiques européens de la deuxième moitié du xixe siècle

Modern Greece in European media discourse in the second half of the 19th century

DOI: 10.58282/acta.15995

Georgia Gotsi et Despina Provata (dir.), Languages, identities and cultural transfers. Modern Greeks in the European Press (1850-1900), Amsterdam, Amsterdam University Press, 2021, 270 p., EAN 9789462988071.

What was the perception of Greece in Europe during the later nineteenth century, when the attraction of romantic philhellenism had waned? This volume focuses on the reception of medieval and modern Greece in the European press, rigorously analysing journals and newspapers published in England, France, Germany, Italy, and The Netherlands. The essays here suggest that reactions to the Greek state’s progress and irredentist desires were followed among the European intelligentsia. Concurrently, new scholarship on the historical development of the Greek language and vernacular literature enhanced the image of medieval and modern Greece. This volume’s contributors consider the press’s role in this Europe- wide exchange of ideas, explore the links between romantic and late philhellenism and underscore the scholarly nature of the latter. Moreover, they highlight the human aspects of cultural transfers by focusing on networks of mediators, publishers and scholarly collaborators. This context enhances our understanding of both the creation of Hellenic studies and the complex formation of the modern Greek identity.

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