Lambeth Palace Greek MSS Descriptive Catalogue

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

I am pleased to report that the Lambeth Palace Greek MSS Descriptive Catalogue, compiled by Dr Christopher Wright and Ms Maria Argyrou with the technical advice and support of Mr Philip Taylor at RHUL Hellenic Institute, History Department, in close collaboration with Lambeth Palace Library, is now freely accessible online in the public domain:

We look forward to receiving your comments.

May I express our deep thanks to the A.G. Leventis Foundation for their generous funding of this project, to the research team for their hard work, the Lambeth Palace Libraryand the Project Board for our fruitful collaboration, and all those who contributed to its successful completion for their help and support.

The catalogue is dedicated to the memory of our teachers Julian Chrysostomides and John Barron, who guided and supported us in the first phase of the project, until their passing away in 2008.

With best wishes,

Charalambos Dendrinos

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