Journal of Greek Media and Culture

Vol. 1.1, June 2014

Principal Editor: Lydia Papadimitriou

Editorial Board: Dimitris Eleftheriotis, Vassiliki Kolocotroni, Dimitris Papanikolaou, Eleni Papargyriou, Yannis Tzioumakis

Call for Papers

The Journal of Greek Media and Culture (JGMC) is a new interdisciplinary peer-reviewed journal published by Intellect that aims to provide a platform for debate and exploration of a wide range of manifestations of media and culture in and about Greece. The journal adopts a broad and inclusive approach to media and culture with reference to film, photography, literature, the visual arts, music, theatre, performance, as well as all forms of electronic media and expressions of popular culture. While providing a forum for the close analysis of cultural formations specific to Greece, JGMC aims to engage with broader methodological and theoretical debates, and situate the Greek case in global, diasporic and transnational contexts. The aspiration is that the journal will set the foundations for a sustained and serious engagement with Greek culture and media that will not only enlighten particular manifestations, but will have methodological relevance and implications that extend beyond its specific field of study.  Greek culture can thus become a ‘limit case’ that tests the value and rigour of critical positions in the debate around Europe’s cultural unity and diversity, and instigates important theoretical and methodological enquiries around media and cultural exchange and interaction.

The editors invite contributions on any topic related to the media and/or culture of Greece, from a contemporary or historical perspective and from a multiplicity of disciplinary and theoretical viewpoints.

JGMC will comprise two sections: one will consist of academic articles (5000-8000 words).  The other will include review essays of books, individual works, exhibitions, events and films; interviews; dossiers and visual essays (1500-3000 words). We encourage contributors to include images, photographs and other graphics.

All submissions should be in English and adhere to the Intellect Style Guide,name=journalstyleguide/

Please submit completed manuscripts only. Send all contributions and proposals by e-mail in DOC format to

Deadline: 1st September 2013


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