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Director of Studies at the Hellenic Culture Centre and at AEOLIS Cultural Development Society of Lesvos Island. Philologist (Faculty of Philosophy, University of Athens, ΜΑ in Education and Human Rights, University of Athens and University of London) with 30 years of experience in education. She has had further training in adult training and in using drama techniques in language teaching. Author of 4 books, as well as articles and research papers on teaching Modern Greek as a foreign/ second language. Teacher trainer and certified Master Trainer (trainer of teacher trainers) and facilitator on Teaching Methodology, Intercultural Education and Peace Education seminars at the Hellenic Culture Centre, in various NGOs and other public and private Institutions. Coordinator of various research projects on education, on European and national level. Evaluator – adult education expert in the National Organization for Certification of Adult Educators (EOPPEP) and evaluator of adult education In Service Training courses and projects for the State Scholarship Foundation (IKY), the National Agency for the Grundtvig Programme.

Books and Essays

  1. «Youth and Society – Essays on contemporary social issues», in collaboration with Dina Aidona, Gutenberg 1992, 1994, 1997
  2. «Play and Laugh- Language Games for teaching Greek as a foreign language», HCC, 2004
  3. « Educational Policy and Practice for the promotion of Greek as a foreign language- Modern Greek Studies abroad» (ed.), HCC, 2004
  4. Teaching Greek to Muslim children, Textbook for A class B class C High school class, Greek Ministry of Education, National Publishing Organization, 2004
  5. Kaleidoscope C1, learning Greek as L2, HCC and AKAKIA Publications, Athens-London 2012
  6. Kaleidoscope C2, learning Greek as L2, HCC and AKAKIA Publications, Athens-London 2012
  7. «Modern Greek Literature for non native speakers of Greek – Advanced Level», in collaboration with Y. Marre and A. Natsina (photocopied edition) – Hellenic Culture Centre, 1999
  8. Translation together with Vassia Kosyva and adaptation to the Greek context of the book “ The WINPEACE Activity book on Peace Education”
  9. “The Language Education Policy for adult immigrants in Greece”
  10. «Creative Reading – 10 short novels by Greek writers», in collaboration with A. Natsina (photocopied edition) – Hellenic Culture Centre, 2000
  11. “The need for Intercultural consultancy programmes for teachers and adult educators who teach multicultural groups”
  12. 12. «Let’s build bridges! – Exercises and activities to train children on human rights»   (to be published)
  13. How the European Commission has sought to foster the concept of Lifelong Learning through the “Memorandum on Lifelong Learning 2000”
  14. “The Political Aspects of Peace Education: Does Peace Education have a political character? Is it politically charged?”
  15. Post graduate dissertation “ Wearing a new pair of shoes: construction and reconstruction of knowledge of teachers of Greek as FL to Adults in a non formal setting”, University of Athens and University of London

Chapters in books

Translation from English into Greek and adaptation to the Greek context:

“ Peace starts within”-The WINPEACE book of Educational Activities, in collaboration with Vassia Kossyva, 2004.

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