Emmanouil Varvounis, “Georgios A. Megas (1893–1976) and his Contribution to the Academic Organization and Development of Greek Folklore: a Review of Evaluations of his Work”

Emmanouil Varvounis, “Georgios A. Megas (1893–1976) and his Contribution to the Academic Organization and Development of Greek Folklore: a Review of Evaluations of his Work”, Neograeca Bohemia, 15 (2015), pp. 33–45.


This paper presents the contribution of George A. Megas (1893–1976), an academi- cian and professor at the University of Athens, to the academic organization and development of Greek Folklore, through a review of evaluations of his work. It focuses on the ideological and methodological components of his work and the position it could hold in the academic study of Greek folk culture, and reveals that it established the guidelines adopted by folklore studies in Greece today. This paper also critically examines relevant aspects of the existing literature and per- spectives on the academic character of Megas’s work and his contribution to the study of historical folklore, folk literature, and traditional architecture in Greece.

Megas – Neograeca Bohemica

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