Call for Abstracts: Renegotiating History in light of the ‘Greek Crisis’

Ημερομηνία: 16-03-2016

Τόπος: University of Oxford

The Sub-Faculty Modern Greek invites submissions to its annual workshop Renegotiating History in light of the ‘Greek Crisis’ which will take place at the University of Oxford on Wednesday, March 16th 2016, from 10:00 until (provisionally) 18:00. We invite abstracts for papers that will engage with the ways in which the effects of and discourses surrounding the crisis have led Greek politicians, communities, writers, artists, directors (both theatre and film) and bloggers to revisit and refigure notions of what constitutes “Greek history”. Beyond the more sinister examples (like that of Golden Dawn), we are particularly looking to open up a discussion on how the crisis informs Greek identity/ies, history and collective memory in constructive and perhaps, even positive ways. In addition, however, we will also be very happy to receive abstracts for papers that will contest the periodization of the crisis as a “rupture” in recent Greek history, and that will rather opt to problematize how corresponding assumptions are projected onto the past.

We welcome abstract submissions of up to 350 words sent as email attachments to by Sunday January 10th 2016. Please indicate your name, degree title, university, and email address and contact number in the email, and only the paper title in the attachment with the abstract. Graduate students from all backgrounds and disciplines are encouraged to submit an abstract.