Cristiano Luciani: Estetica, filologia e politica nell’Ottocento greco

Cristiano Luciani, Estetica, filologia e politica nell’Ottocento grecoCristiano Luciani, Estetica, filologia e politica nell’Ottocento greco, Roma: Universitalia 2014 (“Letteratura e Civiltà della Grecia Moderna” – Studi 1) ISBN: 9788865076026.

This volume consists of published and unpublished essays on various aspects of the Nineteenth Century Greek Literarature. This contribution aims, partly at least, to responds to a specific need in teaching and researching, which stems from a lack of systematic studies in Italy over the Greek Romanticism. This paper deals substantially with four figures, that were in their own way mainly emblematic: Panaghiotis Sutsos, Dimitrios Vikelas, Ghiannis Psycharis and Elisavet Mutzàn Martinengu, each of them as a symbol of cultural-geographical Greek speaking area, starting from Constantinople and Phanariot area in the East, till the western Ionian Island and the Hellenism of the Diaspora in the rest of Europe. They are all figures that remain outside the boundaries of a State, which at that time was still in a process of composition. What arises from this study is certainly a limited and specific image of the whole, but it represents the complexity of what it has been the Romanticism in Greece: a period clearly not easy to read and, until a few years ago, absolutely neglected or slightly focused by the most of scholars of the sector.

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